About SDPB / TPR

The Second-hand dealers & Pawn Board (Association) is a non-profitable organization, which has served the interests of the Second-hand Goods and Pawn Trade since founded in 1987, representing its members in various matters at legislative institutions, as well as research and development of the trade.

It has, to date, represented the trade on all relevant Government and or Regulatory institutions and liaised with all other relevant stakeholders where and when required.

It has since 1999 also contributed and played a major role in the input, research, presentation, negotiation, and finalization of the New Act on Second-hand Goods, Act 6 of 2009, and exemptions from certain provisions and requirements of the Act for our members.

As part of the development and research over the past years, the S.D.P.B. has engaged with and utilize institutions such as the Department of Trade and Industry, the National Credit Regulator, the SA Law Revue projects, Universities, Legal Practices, Trade experts, as well as other trade organizations and specifically and most importantly the South African Police Services (since 1989) on matters related to the previous Act 23 of 1955 and the New act 6 of 2009. It has also participated in the development of Crime Prevention systems related to the recording and administrative management systems utilized by its members and training SAPS members in partnership against crime.

The management and members of the S.D.P.B. are all active in the trade for the trade and benefit from the corporate experience of some 5 generations active in the business of trading in second-hand goods. In addition, members are actively involved in local Community Police Forums as well as Second-hand Goods Forums and business forums.

It represents and may accept as a member of the association, dealers trading in various of the majority of goods as stipulated in the rules and application form of the S.D.P.B., thus as a General Dealer / Pawnbroker / Auctioneer.

The S.D.P.B provides its members with regular updated documents and registers which comply with the Second-hands Goods Act, the N.C.R., and other applicable legislation.

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